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This documentation and the accompanying guides assume you already know JavaScript and are familiar with the modern JavaScript constructs and concepts. If you're not, check out the resources section below!

These docs consist of this introduction which gives you an idea of what to expect, an overview on plugins and the development environment, a few guides, and an API reference.

The Introduction section gives a lot of background information on plugins requirements, the development environment, and the tools at your disposal.

The Basics guide walks you through the basics of making plugins including code snippets and explanation. It also goes over most of what BdApi has to offer.

The Intermediate guide starts to branch into some of the 3rd-party libraries that can be used to enhance your plugins.

The Advanced guide goes more in depth with advanced concepts that are important to making good and complicated plugins that smoothly integrate into Discord.

The API Reference section is purely a reference to what APIs are available, the parameters and return types of any functions, and descriptions of their properties. If you've seen any code documentation before, this will look familiar.

Lastly the Discord Internals section is a reference that goes hand-in-hand with the advanced guide. It's an ever-changing reference point of what is available for use within Discord's code.


The following resources will be handy for learning and reference: