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Is BetterDiscord against Discord's Terms of Service (ToS)?

Yes, but unless you do something egregious, such as use it to selfbot or use unapproved plugins, you'll be fine.

Is BetterDiscord against Discord's Application/API Terms?

No, BetterDiscord does not directly interact with Discord's API at all and ensures that approved plugins do not violate these terms.

Is BetterDiscord against Discord's Privacy Policy?

No, BetterDiscord does not store or log any form of user data and ensures that approved plugins do not store user data without consent.

Will there ever be a mobile (Android/iOS) version of BetterDiscord?

No, the mobile versions of Discord work completely differently and are not compatible with BetterDiscord.

Can I have multiple installations of BetterDiscord?

Yes you can. There can be one BetterDiscord installation per Discord installation. It is common to see people install BetterDiscord to both Canary and Stable. Settings are not sync'd between.

How do I uninstall BetterDiscord?

Open the installer you originally used to install BetterDiscord and go through the normal process. But this time select the Uninstall option.

Where is the BetterDiscord folder located?